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Why are test restores important to your business?

Computers are essential to all businesses and organizations. We fill them with email correspondence, vital documents, current and past projects - essentially everything necessary to run your organization effectively. 

Our computers are filled to the brim with our personal and business information and unless you backup regularly, it can all gone in a flash. 

Why should I backup my data?

Other than the obvious reason of complete data loss, there are several other reasons why it is integral to your business to backup on a regular basis. 

Protection from hardware failure

While computers have become more reliable and efficient than ever, they do still fail from time to time. Keep this in mind if you have been putting off backing up your files because if you do suffer hardware failure, it can be very expensive or impossible to retrieve your lost data. 

Protection from viruses 

Typically, if your computer becomes infected with a virus, a technician will ask you  to wipe everything clean and reinstall your programs. If you don't have a backup, your files will be lost. 

Protection from theft

Highly important if you find yourself travelling back and forth to work with your laptop or tablet in hand. High priced electronic devices are typically the target of theft because they can be sold quickly and easily. Performing regular backups will ensure your most important information isn't lost.

Protection from accidental deletion 

Accidental or not, sometimes you are in hurry to make room for a download and don't realize the importance of a folder until it's too late. Backing up your files will prevent anything from being permanently deleted.

 Protection from natural disaster

 Whether it be a fire, flood, or in Edmonton's case, you dropped your electronic device in the snow. Having an updated backup will allow you to simply buy a new computer, tablet or smart phone and restore your backups.

So if backing up is so vital to your operations running smoothly, why don't more businesses and non-profit organizations do it?

Well, mostly because as a business owner you have other more important things to worry about on a daily basis and you probably don't realize how common a backup failure really is.

 As an IT company, we see first-hand evidence every day of the dramatic effects on your business caused by a lack of backup protection. We encourage every business, big or small, and non-profit organizations to develop and implement the right backup habits including testing your backups and performing test restores.

8 Reasons You Should Perform Regular Test Restores

Downtime- This is the day and age that is the least tolerant of downtime. Whether you like it or not we live in a world that expects 24/7 service. Basically, as soon as you experience technology downtime your productivity slows to a halt, employees become disengaged, customers look elsewhere for service and eventually revenue stops coming in. Backups and test restores ensure that when disaster does strike, you can restore your lost data quickly and without losing any ground.

Turnover- Would you be able to restore your data if a key person was missing? A common problem in the IT industry is not having the right person available at the right time. Avoid this problem by making sure you and a couple other trustworthy folks can perform a test restore yourselves if it is ever necessary.</li>

Loss Tolerance - It is important to develop backup priorities depending on the types of technology that your business or organization rely on. For instance, word processors and spreadsheet programs can tolerate more data loss than an e-commerce database which has a zero tolerance for data loss. Setting these priorities up front allows for a cost-effective backup plan that still covers all of your bases.

Cloud Computing- Businesses and their employees are moving further and further into the cloud. Awesome for making business portable, but not so much when a server is left out of backup process by accident. Having an IT professional help you formulate an extensive blueprint for your network and how it will be tested will ensure that no data is lost when using the cloud.

Regulations - Especially when dealing with data that is stored in the cloud there are specific external regulations that need to be followed, as well as any internal processes for how data should be handled. Ignoring these factors could land your company or organization in big trouble. Performing regular test restores is also a perfect time to ensure the proper policies are being followed.

Growing Networks- Most businesses don't stay the same size forever. As soon as you add more computers and servers to your network, the more likely it is that some data will be missed in the backup process. Making sure that test restores are a part of your backup processes will ensure that this problem is corrected before an actual emergency strikes.

Missed Files- When you add new applications to your computer, they sometimes store important data in odd places on your hard drive. Simply backing up a couple of important folders here and there won't ensure a full restore if all of your data is lost. Working with a professional can help make sure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to regular backups.</li>

Storage - In a typical business or organization your storage will likely double every year. This means slower recovery, longer backup times and larger chance for error. Having proper backup processes in place and testing them regularly will ensure that nothing gets missed and your business won't suffer from downtime or data loss. 

The bottom line is that unless you are regularly testing your processes, you are running on assumption. No one wants to be left vulnerable and unprepared in the face of disaster.

Work with an IT professional to ensure that you have efficient backups in place to protect your business or organization from data loss and downtime.

Still have questions about test restores and what they mean to your business? There is only one call to make 780.800.0448. SC Systems connects your organization to worry-free technology.

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