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Top 10 Indications That Your Business Needs Managed Services

There are few businesses, small, medium or large, even non-profits, that can operate on a day-to-day basis without some element of IT being involved. Technology is an underlying force when it comes to your business running smoothly.

On the fence when it comes to outsourcing your business or organization's IT management responsibilities? Think of it not as a surrender of control over your technology, but rather a useful extension of your business that connects you to a more powerful infrastructure, a manageable budget as well as achieving the highest productivity rate possible from your network and devices.

Here are the Top 10 Indications that your business or non-profit organization needs managed services:


  1. You don't have a dedicated IT professional on staff
    Even if you have a seriously tech-savvy employee, they will quickly become overwhelmed by the IT demands that almost all non-profits and businesses face daily. A managed services provider (MSP) can help relieve the pressure that you or your staff may be feeling and allow everyone to focus on what they do best.
  2. Your IT guy is already swamped.
    If you do happen to have an IT professional on staff, chances are they are already swamped. Even the most efficient employee may still need help keeping software licensing updated, performing security upgrades and simply managing all of your networks and devices on a day-to-day basis. An MSP can supplement your current resources so that your IT guy can focus on a bigger project without the daily responsibilities falling through the cracks.</
  3. IT problems aren't being discovered until they something goes down.
    Do you find that every time you turn around you need to hire outside help to come and repair broken equipment? Having an MSP means consistent and reliable monitoring so that problems can be detected and fixed before your server even goes down.
  4. No one is fixing the root cause.
    Whether you have a designated staff member or an IT guy, if you notice that little problems are always being fixed but keep popping up time and time again, this could mean two things: the staff member responsible has limited IT knowledge and can't find the root cause or the IT guy is only interested in getting paid for fixing the initial problem. For example, if they fix the root cause, they have no reason to come back. A reputable managed services provider wants to ensure that your IT is not stuck in a continually reactive cycle, but rather prepare for the future demands, growth and challenges of your network.
  5. You never get more than, "That's just how you fix it."
    An MSP works with business owners, not against them. Transparency is key when it comes to a reputable managed services provider. There should be no secrets when it comes to managing and monitoring your technology.
  6. You're expected to perform your own backups. Running a business or non-profit organization is already a full-time job, you shouldn't have to add to it. Part of the benefit of having an MSP on your side is that backups are done on a regular basis without you even having to think about it. That is peace of mind.
  7. Reboot and see what happens.
    If this is the extent of your troubleshooting plan, there is something to worry about. A managed services provider monitors and manages your network, devices and technology risks remotely which cuts costs, but when it comes to troubleshooting, they have expert processes in place to limit risks, protect data and detect issues before they become a problem.
  8. Sensitive information is left unprotected
    If your business or organization deals with sensitive information (most do) including personal information, medical records and financial data that needs to be stored, transmitted or accessed it needs to be protected. Bottom line: A reputable managed services provider ensures that this information is kept secure at all times.
  9. You have to shell out big bucks.
    Not having an MSP service agreement means that when emergencies happen, you have to shell out big bucks to get it fixed - big bucks that weren't accounted for in your budget. With an managed services model, you can budget for a fixed fee no matter what service you utilize. This means you can stick to a predictable, even when emergencies occur.
  10. You only have support during office hours
    No one likes walking into the office to find that the server is down. That means wasted time because someone has to be called in. A managed services provider offers 24/7 monitoring, meaning that even if your server goes down at 3 a.m. someone knows about it and has already taken steps to fix the problem. Being made a priority means problems are identified and fixed before they have a chance to impact your daily operations.

How can your Alberta business or non-profit benefit from managed services?

Some of the other key managed services benefits of having a professional design and monitor your IT are that you have consistent access to combined experience and knowledge, protection of your business against technology risks, and most importantly, you can stop worrying about IT so that you can focus on what you do best. 

Other perks of managed services:

  • Lower operating costs - A reputable managed service provider gives you access to a team of experts at a lower cost than hiring an individual to perform the duties in-house. You get instant access to an entire IT department.
  • Access to new technology, tools and best practices - Part of being a great managed services provider is keeping up-to-date on current trends and technology that could be useful in your industry.
  • Peace of mind - Most providers will work directly with you to decide on a service agreement that best fits your business or non-profit organization so that you no longer have to worry about solving technology issues.
  • Security - Without having to think about it, backups are performed and a routine is established for security management.

Want to know how managed services can save you money?

Simply compare what are you currently paying for your business or organization's IT upkeep and compare it against estimates from a couple of reputable managed services providers. 

SC Systems is an Edmonton based managed IT services company for non-profits and small to medium-sized businesses. We pro-actively manage and maintain all of your technology for a fixed monthly fee. 

We connect you to worry-free technology.

Our aim is to serve small and medium organizations like yours. Technology is our passion and serving others is our calling. That is our commitment to you.

Interested in managed services or simply have questions? There is only one call to make 780.800.0448

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