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Shellshock: What you need to know about the latest tech bug

Recently a set of security vulnerabilities being called Shellshock have been identified. These vulnerabilities are limited in impact to Linux, types of Unix and BSD, as well as Apple's OSX (since 10.3) operating systems. In the case of Apple’s OSX, updates have already released which automatically address part of the issue with a further patch expected in the coming weeks.

The vulnerability allows for remote command execution meaning the possibility exists for a third-party to effectively take over affected systems. Vendors are presently working to release updates to prevent such occurrences.

Will it affect my business?

If you are currently a Linux or UNIX admin user, our security experts urge you to drop what you are doing and patch this critical software vulnerability. Consult an IT professional right away to determine any vulnerabilities that could put your business at risk.

No action is required of you if you are currently an SC Systems customer. We are reviewing our network monitoring systems and IT inventories to apply patches wherever a vulnerability is identified.

If you are still unsure of how Shellshock will affect your business or organization's network, don't hesitate to call us today. 1.877.249.8377 or send us your questions or concerns via email [email protected]

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