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Google Apps vs Microsoft Office365

Similar to the battle of the iPhone versus the Blackberry, there are strong supporters of Google's Gmail pitting themselves against the loyal users of Microsoft Exchange.

We believe that Microsoft Exchange email hosting is the best solution for businesses and not for profits because it allows for better communication. To put it simply, there are things that you can do using Exchange that you can't with Gmail. A couple of great examples are the ability to organize the inbox to allow for more productivity, schedule meeting rooms, and create appointments for multiple people.

What is the Microsoft Exchange server?

It is an email server with calendar software and contact manager that you can use while in or out of the office, on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Exchange allows for your business to grow and gives you control, while also protecting your data and rights. To us, that is the defining factor of a great email hosting service.

Gmail and other Google apps are designed to be intuitive to the user, which is cool, but many users are frustrated when they don't see the features they are used to with Outlook or Exchange. Gmail has its limitations. It is difficult to migrate or merge files. You cannot restrict sharing to a single domain, yet secondary domain users can't use the links in calendar sharing notifications. Weird, huh?

There are also some very scary privacy issues that have been linked to Google Apps and Gmail as well as Microsoft's Office 365, including the surveillance program prevalent in the United States called PRISM. Basically, PRISM gathers information and data that is used to look our for criminal activity. However, participating in data collection is a violation of Canada's privacy laws.

In order to avoid these issues, we recommend using Hosted Exchange through a trusted Canadian provider. Even though these same technologies could be used to violate Canadian rights and laws, as long as they are being controlled by the right people on Canadian soil you will not be at risk.

Why is Hosted Exchange the right fit for small businesses and not for profits?

Better communication - You can access your email via smartphone, tablet or computer. The server is at your finger tips no matter where you are.

Increased productivity - Your Calendar, Task, Contacts and Email go everywhere with you, so that you can be productive even when you are outside the office.

Professional appearance  - Exchange is user-friendly and because you can remotely manage meeting rooms and business contacts, everyone knows you mean business.

Better collaboration - You can share documents, calendar notifications and contacts with everyone in your organization even when you are out of the office.

Maintains good customer relations. No longer will you have missed emails or appointments, which can wear on your clients, because you can organize your inbox and calendar the way you want.

Allows for focus on the business. Your whole team has access, so delegate your email tasks to them and get down to business.

What does 'Hosting' mean to businesses and non-profits?

Hosting basically eliminates the need for businesses or non profits to purchase costly hardware and software to run the same programming in-house. You receive the same capabilities, but without the hassle of running your own servers and infrastructure.

With an in-house email implementation you could face unpredictable maintenance costs, where as with hosting if you need to scale up or down you can do so almost instantly. The initial fees are low and the ongoing fees are based on how much you use and  can be easily budgeted for.

You don't need dedicated IT resources to maintain email hosting. All system management is done by the provider.

There is no wait time. With email hosting you no longer have to wait days, weeks or months to get up and running - you could get started within minutes.

Quality of service and technical support is provided, even before a crash. A reliable provider will perform constant updates and back ups to ensure you have little to no issues. Typical server issues include crashes and service interruptions, which can hold up business.

With the Exchange server all of your security features and mobility features are provided with low costs and available on-demand, as well as any technical help you may need.

Do you prefer Gmail or exchange? we want to hear from you!

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