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SCS Credo

The purpose of our firm, the reason that it must exist, is first and foremost to serve our community, and in doing so, to contribute positively to those individuals that strive to do the same.

This service begins with a commitment to seek and apply principled knowledge. This knowledge should be applied in ways that are equitable, effective, and strengthen the positive impact of our team members, our customers, our communities, and all those that we serve together.

In order to fulfill this commitment we must first serve those that choose to work alongside us. We must always seek to create a firm that provides meaningful and productive work to its members. The members of the firm must be trustworthy and truthful above all else. The firm must create and uphold systems that give all employees a means to express their full opinions and ideas and to share in both profits and the risks of its activities. The foundation of our success depends on our ability to attract, develop and retain exceptional people.

By succeeding in serving our team members, we believe that there will be no better firm to serve the needs of our clients. We will foster long-lasting and productive relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and developing solutions that align with their objectives. Through the development and application of knowledge we can create meaningful change in our clients’ organizations and in our communities.

In order to be an enduring great firm and to continually achieve our purpose we must seek sustainability through realizing consistent profits; we must make decisions that ensure the long term financial health of the firm. We exist within a capitalist context and we should be proud that profit represents newly created value for our clients and for the people we serve together but we must understand that financial returns are the most basic need we have as a firm and as people. Capital allows us to expand our team, acquire more knowledge, and serve more customers but financial gain does not itself fulfill our purpose. We should always ensure our colleagues are justly rewarded, our clients are charged a fair price, and no one is deceived or taken advantage of in order for our firm to increase profits.

In all that we do, we must consider the broader impact of our actions as people and as a firm. Our impact should be obvious to all as positive and so we must be especially careful to seek objectiveness in acknowledging and minimizing our negative impact, even when it is unintentional. We should not continue any activity that serves in the short term to increase profits or prestige but will ultimately harm the sustainability of the firm and of our communities.

It is our belief that by staying true to the spirit of this credo that our combined efforts will create a truly unique firm with the ability to produce lasting and meaningful change in the world. It is our duty now to deliver on this promise.