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Lunch with… SC Systems and DevFacto

Every month, Alberta Venture features a lunch between a young executive, who gets to pick the person they would like to talk business with, and a senior executive who gets to pick the place to eat if they are willing to act as a mentor. 

This past week, the young executive was Shant Chakmakian, owner of SC Systems, who chose to have lunch with the CEO and co-owner of DevFacto Technologies, Chris Izquierdo.

Although their businesses are different - SC Systems is a fully-managed IT company and DevFacto builds custom software either for the cloud or in house - that didn't stop them from connecting. With Izquierdo acting as his mentor, Chakmakian received some good advice on how to continue growing his company.

Find out what they ate for lunch and what they talked about by checking out the Alberta Venture column

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