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What should you look for in a Managed Services Provider?

When you think about technology and your business, what it the first thing that comes to mind? Are your daily operations being interrupted by system glitches? Are you lacking technical support or always waiting for someone to call you back?  Time is money in any business and if your operating system is not running efficiently,…
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Google Apps vs Microsoft Office365

Similar to the battle of the iPhone versus the Blackberry, there are strong supporters of Google's Gmail pitting themselves against the loyal users of Microsoft Exchange. We believe that Microsoft Exchange email hosting is the best solution for businesses and not for profits because it allows for better communication. To put it simply, there are…
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Why are test restores important to your business?

Computers are essential to all businesses and organizations. We fill them with email correspondence, vital documents, current and past projects - essentially everything necessary to run your organization effectively.  Our computers are filled to the brim with our personal and business information and unless you backup regularly, it can all gone in a flash.  Why…
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How do I keep Internet access when the power is out?

How do I keep Internet access when the power is out?                   Buy a UPS While these are available from Staples, Future Shop or Best Buy, your I.T. provider can recommend the best model for your particular I.T. needs. The higher the Volt Ampere (VA) the better. 1500 Kilo VA (kVA) is the max…
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